Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Need A Sweet Fix?

This weekend I found a real treat.  At our house, popcorn is a staple product.  We keep both the fresh to pop in our Stir Crazy and then of course our favorite microwavable bags.  However, there is just something to be said about fair quality popcorn.  We made a small trip into Port Clinton, Ohio this weekend on the edge of Lake Erie, and found the most marvelous popcorn shop.  It is almost unrealistic to think that you could make the sweet and savory vairietions of the Great Lakes Popcorn Co.

I am going to try and do this justice.  We sampled a few varieties and then decided on Vanilla Butternut.  At first I just thought it tasted sweet like candy, but there was so much more.  As I let the popcorn melt on my tongue, I got a creamy butter taste coated with vanilla sugar like eating the sugar and butter combination from the mixer before adding the dry ingredients to a cookie batter.  It was delicious!

The boys were there for a different reason.  They wanted candy, and this popcorn had a lot to offer in that category.  There are flavors of bananna, green apple, blueberry, raspberry, cherry.  You name it, they have it! So, to satisfy all 100 flavor combinations, they also have a jelly bean variety that mixes them up.  I thought this would be gross, but if this kids want it...who am I to stop them?

We got our bags, and left taking home two sweet smelling treats in the car.  Later that night while watching a movie, we dumped out the popcorn into a bowl.  I decided to try the jelly bean.  I don't like jelly beans, so I was very weary.  I ate one at a time, and I got the candy taste, but it was soon replaced with salty goodness.  After eating a few, I realized that I didn't feel like I was eating a bag of candy.  The coating was light on sweetness and a perfect match to the salty popcorn underneath.

In my opinion, this is my new favorite place to get popcorn.  We will have to make a popcorn run just to satisfy my craving!  If you can't make it to Port Clinton, you can have it shipped!  Yippie!